Courage comes From Faith

Joshua 1:9.  Be strong and if a good courage; be not afraid, neither be tho dismayed: for the Lord your God is with thee wherever you go…

Courage comes from trusting God. It can’t be mentally drummed up. It comes from believing what God says regardless of what the circumstances look like. Courage comes from faith!

Where does discouragement come from? From fear and unbelief. It comes when you listen to the enemies lies about what God is not going to do for you. As children of God, shake off discouragement and rise up with courage!  Quit looking at your own abilities and failures and limitations and start looking to God, the one who created you. We must rise up in the name of Jesus and the power of his spirit and establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.
Once we begin to realize who we are and what we’ve been given by the power of God, we will quit letting the enemy run over us. God didn’t suggest that we be strong and courageous. That is his command!

This message, this morning, goes out to the kingdom warriors of this family. We are blessed and favored and must never let the lies of the world interrupt what God has purposed got us….
I love my fam jam…



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