Don’t Let The Devil Put One Over On You

Ok I’m back… I had a brief Hiatus….

John 8:44.  When the devil speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, a deceiver, and the father of it.

Some people find it difficult to believe God’s promises because they’ve seen so many things in the natural world that seem to contradict God’s word; Christians who didn’t receive healing, faithful tithers go broke, marriages ending in divorce, families split up…

There is a deceiver at work in the world, a deceiver who is busy doing the same thing he’s been doing ever since the garden of Eden: tricking mankind into believing God’s word isn’t true. And, after working on it for thousands of years, he’s a master at it. Next time he tries to trick you. SAY,” I don’t care about appearances. I believe the word, and I refuse to doubt it!”

The word is our authority, and darkness can never overtake the light. The victory is ours, but you must take up your weapons and fight. The enemy will always run at the name of Jesus.

One more example, we have all been to a magic show where someone crawls inside of a box and then they saw it in half. You see it with your own two eyes, but you know that it was a trick. That is exactly the way you need to be when the word of God is concerned.

When someone tries to steal your peace, apply the word of God. When the lie comes regarding your family or the ones who love you, apply the word of God. When it comes to your character and integrity, don’t get distracted by what the world thinks is OK. Apply the word of God, “I’m just going to stick with the word.”

Ps.119: 89-104 this is so awesome, let the power and love of Christ arise in us. We are His ambassadors, and can do ALL Things through Christ our Father.
I love you all, I’m back…😎



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