DAY 20: Releasing the Leader Within

Have you ever seen a tree grow half-way? No, because God made things to grow to their full potential. That includes us! You were designed and purposed to be a leader in your area of gifting. The world cries out for you to be the you God designed. Someone right now needs what is locked up inside you. We are all connected and when one of us does not release their gift, others suffer as a result. You are valuable! You are needed! You are designed to serve others! The world awaits you.

In Mark 4, there is a parable that explains what can block our leadership potential. It tells of a farmer that plants seeds in four types of soils, along the wayside, on stony ground, in a thorn bush and on good soil. Jesus says that if we do not understand this parable, we will not understand ANY parable. So hold on, this is very critical to your success in life.

The parable explains the world as a whole and what is happening in it. The farmer is God. The soil is your heart. The seed the farmer sows is the Word of God. God’s Word is alive and active. The purpose of the sowing is for the seed to take root and produce a harvest. A harvest would be when you live as God intended, releasing all that is within you, so that you bless God and bless others! Ahh, the joy and satisfaction of a purpose-driven life! When we allow the seed into our hearts, then cultivate and water the seed daily through meditation and prayer, it will produce a harvest! That is when God says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

According to the story, after the Word of God is sown (spoken to you), immediately the devil comes to steal the Word so it won’t take root. We have to ask ourselves a question here. What is the big deal about the Word of God and why does the enemy try to steal it immediately? What is he scared of happening? Well let me tell you. He is afraid of YOU becoming your God purposed productive and successful self!! If you release the wisdom, the gifting, the service, the love, the joy, the potential in you, you can change the world. The enemy seeks to kill, steal and destroy that seed in you. How? Let’s look further at the four types of soil.

The seed sown on the wayside would be like a person going to church and then a thought speaks to him like, “God isn’t real, this won’t help you, you aren’t worth loving, it is hopeless.” That is the stinkin’ devil stealing the Word. Do not listen to those lies.

The seed sown on the stony ground is like the person who hears the power of the living Word, is overflowing with joy, but when the first sign of persecution comes, they flee. They trust the feeling of comfort, fitting in, “being cool” more than they trust God. The seed was not able to take root and replace their ignorance with truth. Again, the enemy was able to steal the Word so no harvest.

The seed sown that is choked by the thorns is like a person that knows their life needs to change. They want to know this God and His son Jesus. They believe Jesus is the answer and begin to pursue a life of purpose, renewing their mind by the Word of God, but the busyness of life and the deceitfulness of wealth, fame, recognition, popularity etc chokes the Word. They never experience the fullness of living for God. Their worldly ambitions, which eternally speaking are so void, meaningless and empty, become their God and take first place in their life.

The seed sown into the good soil is like a person that understands the treasure is in the knowing. Nothing else on the planet has more value to them than a relationship with a living God, so they fight the good fight of faith. They hunger and thirst for righteousness, drawn to a love so captivating nothing can compare. The Word sown into them takes root and their faith moves mountains, their words speak life, their joy overflows, they become a light in a dark and dying world. The enemy is enraged, as he has conspired endlessly to steal the seed. Panic overtakes him knowing the fruit that will be created by a seed that takes root. As the seed releases transforming truths, they learn they are are forgiven, justified and totally redeemed. The captive is set free and an anointed parent, spouse, employee, entrepreneur, leader etc. emerges. Favor abounds and they are unstoppable! The devil failed and the victory is the Lord’s.

Which soil represents your heart now? Do you recognize times when the seed was stolen from you? How did it happen and how can you protect the seed in the future? Do you like what your life produces without the seed of God’s Word growing in your heart? You are designed to be fruitful and multiply. The fruit starts at the root. Plant the right seeds (God’s Word and love) into your heart, protect the seed from the enemy and soon you will experience a harvest exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all that you can ask or think. The World awaits YOU!



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